When we sing, we want every audience member to know we care.

Our facility is very fortunate to be one of the venues where LeagueAires perform. When LeagueAires go out into the audience and sing to individuals, hold their hands, and visit with them — this is something that lasts a long time with our residents. Their energy is incredible and contagious! Entertainers can be very expensive to bring into a facility, especially entertainers of LeagueAires’ caliber. The fact that they are a volunteer group makes it possible for residents to experience a high-quality performance that they might not otherwise be able to afford. With their beautiful voices, sparkly vests, and fresh show including dancing and sing-alongs, LeagueAires are always entertaining and memorable! All I can say is ‘THANK YOU’ for what LeagueAires does.”— Pamela Sutherland, Former Resident Programs Coordinator, Freedom Pointe Senior Living


LeagueAires are upbeat and their repertoire of music is outstanding. They bring joy to the audience. You can’t help but feel good after an afternoon with this professional singing group. At the end of the program, LeagueAires circulate through the audience, thanking residents for coming. I see many hugs, smiles, and handshakes between LeagueAires and the residents. They truly spark a connection with everyone they sing for.”— Jenny Weber, ADC, Community Events Manager, Friendship Village of Bloomington


A gentleman in a wheelchair carried a flag around during the Armed Forces Medley sing-along. It was awesome to see!”— Resident, Ebenezer York Gardens

After LeagueAires sang at our facility, the residents were raving. As a group, LeagueAires are exceptional, energetic, and very kind to the residents.”— Rebecca Putz, Resident Programs Director, Edina Park Plaza

My mother LOVED LeagueAires’ performance when they sang at her assisted living home. She couldn’t wait to tell me about it. My mom doesn’t always go to the resident events; she is picky as to what she likes and she has high standards because my dad was a musician. But my mother said she thought about your music all day long. She will look forward to your next visit. What a worthy organization LeagueAires is!”— Susanne Bonfe, Minneapolis, MN

What a wonderful performance we had the pleasure of seeing today!!!! We enjoyed so much all the fabulous costuming, dancing, percussion, and of course, the outstanding blend of voices you put forth in the show. Such energy and smiles abound, and the music choices are awesome. LeagueAires is “spot on,” and I wish even more people could enjoy all the fun entertainment you provide. All your hard work really shows!!!!”— Barb Hartwell, Apple Valley, MN

“What a great showcase of talent. I loved the array of songs, and my five-year-old son and I have been singing one of them since. The armed services tribute also means so much. It was a wonderful performance!”— Tamra Brunn, MacPhail Music for Life Manager, MacPhail Center for Music