Interested in singing with LeagueAires?

Are you interested in joining a Minneapolis choir with a mission? We welcome new women to join us as we bring the joy and healing power of music to members of our community. We welcome women of all ages; you do not have to be affiliated with the Junior League of Minneapolis to join.

Upcoming Auditions
Auditions for the 2019-20 Season will be held in June 2019 at MacPhail Music Center.

Before You Audition

• Attend one LeagueAires performance.
• Review the time and membership requirements.
• Set up an appointment by emailing us. You will schedule a time to learn more about the LeagueAires history, mission, and membership requirements.

What You Need to Know – Handout for Members, 2017-2018

About Auditions

Auditioning for LeagueAires is a friendly, casual experience that takes approximately one hour. The director, choreographer, and/or current chair of LeagueAires may be present for each audition.

Musical Audition
The Music Director works with each candidate to assess her range, tone quality, breath control, and posture, as well as her general understanding of vocal technique.
Candidates will be asked to:
• Sing a series of vocal exercises.
• Sing a musical line while a harmony line is played/sung.
• Sight-read eight measures of music. (The ability to read music is not a requirement, but is valued.)
• Sing a familiar song of your choice.
• Share past musical experiences you’ve had in a choral, instrumental, or theatrical context.

Movement Audition
The Choreographer works with each candidate to:
• Demonstrate the ability to step up 8-18″ onto a riser.
• Move rhythmically to selected music.
• Demonstrate the ability to repeat a simple movement combination.
• Demonstrate the ability to sing and move naturally at the same time.
• Demonstrate the ability to sing and perform group choreography simultaneously.

Candidates are notified of results within three days after their audition.